7 Random Amazon Products You Need In Your Life


I have a confession to make you guys, sometimes I get deep into these rabbit holes of shopping on Amazon and I end up buying the weirdest things, so I wanted to share them with you, because why not?

I decided to create a list of the most random items that I have bought in the past that have easily become my best purchases yet.

Let’s start with the weirdest one of them all, shall we?

  1. Squeeze Zit-Pimple Popping Toy


This is by far the weirdest thing I purchased from Amazon and it is because I am obsessed with Dr. Pimple Popper, popping pimples in general. I find it to be such a great stress reliever and the fact that I can do it with this toy now made all my pimple popping dreams come true. No more ruining my own skin, I can do it with this random pimple popping toy

2.  Carbage Can- Car Trash Can

Okay, so this next item might not be the weirdest thing on the list here, but I definitely thing it’s unique and there’s a fun play on words in the name of it. Meet the Carbage Can, it is a garbage can that is meant to stay in your car, and no this isn’t just your regular garbage can, it is mounted to the car mat’s by hooks and it stays upright in your car the entire time, how cool is that? No tipping over, no trash spilling, it is waterproof and so practical, especially for someone who spends a lot of time in their car like myself!

3. Clocky- The Alarm Clock On Wheels

Who else has trouble with snoozing the alarm and ending up sleeping in for another 3 hours, even though you promised yourself that you will run all of the errands, do all the laundry, cook, clean, and everything else that ends up not happening because you snoozed that 9am wake up call? 

That sounds exactly like me and I found an answer to my problems, its an alarm, but wait, there’s more. 

It’s an alarm that rolls away from you whenever it goes off, so you cannot reach it and just turn it off, you have to physically get out of bed and chase it down to turn it off. Clocky has become my best friend ever since I decided to purchase it, it makes sure that I get up on time and get everything that I planned done. That is by far, my favorite purchase of 2019 so far.


4. Selfie Ring Light With Tripod Stand

Another impulse buy that I decided to purchase at 2am when I had this great idea of growing my Instagram, after all, this is how everyone ensures that they look good in every photo, and guess what, it does the trick! My biggest problem when taking selfies is that my make up does not show up in photos as well as it does in person, and lighting has been the biggest contributor to that. Ever since I purchased this ring light, I am the queen of selfies. 

5.  Pizza Scissors

Being in college, I eat a lot of pizza, take out pizza, frozen pizza, any kind of pizza. I mean who wouldn’t, it’s a fast and simple meal that everyone loves. The hardest part, however, is cutting said pizza into slices that don’t look like wolverine tried to cut it. So, me being the brilliant shopper that I am, I purchased Pizza Scissorsand I have not regretted it since. They’re stainless steel and they have an already measured pizza slice so you know what size to cut the slices. It’s so simple!


6. Public Toilet Survival Kit


I despise using public toilets, especially at a gas station , so whenever I am doing a long drive, I carry one of these in my purse. It contains a toilet seat cover, sanitary wipes, and gloves. It is a must for when you are using public toilets. 


7.  TRTL-Neck Pillow


What I found in the last 6 months is that conventional neck pillows are not the best option for me, I could never find a comfortable position and end up resting it against the window anyways. But what if you are not sitting by the window, and the nice stranger sitting next to you does not appreciate you laying on their shoulder? That is when this pillow comes into play, it allows you to rest your head naturally, it has great support, and it can double act as a scarf. I fell in love with it after I first used it!




I hope you all appreciated my random items that I purchased on a late night that turned out to be big hits for my lifestyle. 

What are some weird items that you can’t imagine your life without?



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