Best Eyeshadow Palette For Your Zodiac Sign


Makeup and Astrology are my two guilty pleasures. How do I combine the two? How about a post in which I assign each zodiac sign to an eyeshadow palette that I feel best represents their traits. 

Challenge accepted.

I was so excited to write this post for you, I was actually supposed to write it next week but I couldn’t help myself. Let’s get started. 




Aries, The ram, you are brave, powerful, independent and overall strong. Your element is fire and it is very clear that you are not one to mess with. You can be quite domineering at times and maybe a bit aggressive, but that can work in your favor in a lot of areas in your life, especially when there is competition involved. Your colors are red and orange with some darker tones of brown, These are meant to showcase your feisty nature and de



Taurus, the reliable, self-indulging, tasteful bull. You have a stronger desire for luxury and anything that is beautiful due to being ruled by Venus, but you are also a fanatic of consistency and routine. Your element being Earth, you enjoy things that seem plain to others but provide comfort and safety. These rich brown and gold shades will work with any look on any occasion, making them a reliable choice for someone that enjoys stability. However, their rich pigmentation and beautiful colors will please your scrutinizing eye and make sure you enjoy the luxury of the palette.



Gemini, the twins. You are so curious by nature, you desire mental stimulation and new experiences, otherwise, you easily get bored. Creative, imaginative, and sometimes a bit inconsistent, you will enjoy a palette that offers a lot of variety. Flowing like air, your element, you’ll never grow bored of the variety of shades that is provided to you and you are able to express yourself. Being very artistic, you are able to create intricate looks with the bold colors.



Cancer, the crab, you are one of the most loving zodiac signs. Your sensitive nature makes you very receptive to people’s emotions. You are compassionate and nurturing, sometimes to a fault. You tend to give more than you receive and you are too passive to express your opinions about that, you simply let things slide, oftentimes resulting in clinginess and dependency. Being this delicate, you identify with light and neutral colors. You don’t like to draw a lot of attention to yourself and often opt-in for a less is more look. You tend to look for comfort and safety, and this palette is perfect for a natural everyday look that will make you feel beautiful in a delicate way.



Good old Leo. Just like Aries, you are ruled by fire, and your personality greatly reflects that. You are charismatic, playful, brave and fierce. That, sometimes, turns into a show-off tendency, and egotistical ways. You like to stand out and it shows in everything that you do. You enjoy being the leader and being in the center of attention. Bold colors such as red and gold will guarantee that. You love to be in charge of your look, these colors will showcase the fierceness of a lion you possess.



Virgo, the virgin. You are such a perfectionist, always observing, calculating, organized and modest. You are a quiet one, but that doesn’t make you boring, like some may make you out to be. You are simply comfortable with your own presence. You are ruled by Earth, which makes you a lover of a routine, and unlike your stubborn partner Taurus, you tend to be more passive and quiet with your actions. You are a very giving and calm individual who values friendships and love. The colors of the palette reflect that. Neutrals for your calm exterior, and pink and purple shades for your loving interior.



Libra, the scales, you are the mediator of the zodiac which means that you seek harmony and peace everywhere you go. Given that you tend not to take sides, but rather fight for everyone’s good, you are a neutral tone kind of individual. You gravitate toward pinks and purples and any other delicate colors. You tend to be indecisive and bold moves, and colors alike, do not sit well with you, you’d rather play it safe. You tend to avoid conflict in all situations and can be seen as rather passive, your style reflects that as well. You tend to go for familiar territory, light colors that are always classy is your repertoire.



Scorpio, the scorpion. You tend to have a mysterious aura about you and give off very fierce and dark energy. That is because you tend to feel all emotions more intensely than other zodiac signs. You are independent, bold and courageous. You are passionate and your colors reflect that. You are drawn to hues of red and black. You are either neutral or bold. You battle two extremes in your personality, you are both independent and clingy. Jealousy tends to be your downfall. Nevertheless, you are extremely passionate about everything you do. You love to understand how things work, especially the human mind, which can sometimes make you look conniving, but you are an emotional and loving individual who gives their all or nothing in relationships.



Sagittarius, the archer. Or rather the wanderer. You are so curious about the world and love to understand the workings of everything around you. You seek mental and spiritual stimulation. You love to travel and experience new things, routines bore you, causing you to sometimes leave behind good things in your life, simply because they are no longer stimulating to you. You are open-minded and ambitious. You have a thirst for knowledge that is never satisfied. You are optimistic to a fault, sometimes refusing to see the realistic point of view. You are drawn to anything spiritual, purple hues reflecting that. The wide variety of colors in this palette should ensure that your wandering mind has enough differentiation to keep you satisfied.



Capricorn, the goat, the most self-disciplined zodiac sign. You are more patient than the other signs ruled by Earth. You set your eyes on a prize and will see to it. You are naturally calculating, strategic, and driven. That sometimes makes you ruthless, especially when a goal is important to you. You are level-headed and collected. This palette reflects your calm nature by being very natural and having a balance of cool and warm toned shadows. You are sometimes rigid, and can easily sport an all-black eyeshadow look, mainly because you don’t seem approval, you are comfortable being yourself and do not pursue crowds.



Aquarius, the water bearer, you are a quirky and rebellious one of the signs. You choose not to follow society’s rules and love to do things your own way. You are highly intelligent and reformative. You love things that are different and are very artistic. You tend to be more of an eccentric type and love to experience new things. This colorful and high-pigmented palette gives you an opportunity to create a unique look to draw attention not only to yourself but also your cause. You tend to be seen as emotionally detached and hiding behind walls, the browns, and neutrals of this palette can help you achieve this nonchalant look. You are a good listener and friend, however, you prefer to be alone and polishing your many artistic talents.





Pisces, the fish, the sensitive ones. You are one of the most emotional and sensitive signs in the zodiac, that could be both a good and a bad thing. You are daydreamers and are greatly interested in exploring the spiritual. Hopeless romantics you enjoy to both to spoil and be spoiled. You love physical affection and can sometimes become submissive and co-dependent. You often live inside this fantasy world that you created for yourself. You are highly intuitive and can read people very well. Your attraction to the spiritual is not only expressed in the name of this palette but also the shimmery and beautiful colors. Your romantic side can be easily showcased with the beautiful hues of brown and the dreamy colors of blue and purple, representing your element, water.



I hope you enjoyed the read and hopefully a few of you identified with the color palettes I picked out for you.

Based on the descriptions of each sign, can you guess what is my zodiac sign? A person that guesses correctly will get a shoutout in my next post 🙂


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