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5 Makeup Brands That Still Test On Animals


I have good and bad news for you all.

Let’s start with the positive side of things and acknowledge that many popular makeup brands are respecting their customer’s wishes and finally going cruelty-free. It is no longer only indie vegan brands that are making such bold moves towards the improvement of the makeup industry. The industry giants that are finally feeling pressured enough to make the switch.

As big an improvement this is for the consumers as well as the pretty white bunnies, many well-known brands are still testing on animals. There are plenty of posts in which we acknowledge all of the newly cruelty-free brands, there seems to be a lack of information as to which brands are still testing their products on animals.

Chances are you are very familiar with those brands, and probably have more than one of their products in your make up bag.

In this post, I will inform you of the more popular brands that are NOT cruelty-free and their most popular products. You might want to consider tossing or donating those.

1. Maybelline

Maybelline is known throughout the world. It is one of the most popular drugstore cosmetic brands. Not only is it light on the wallet, but their products are also usually of good quality. That makes them a go-to option not only for American customers but also for many foreign countries, including China.

For those of you that are not aware of this, China requires all foreign makeup brands to test their products on animals. That is a policy that brands are not able to go around if they want to sell their goods in the foreign market. Unless Maybelline decides to give up a huge chunk of the makeup market, which more than likely they will not, they are willing to test on animals to sell their products in China.

That makes Maybelline NOT a cruelty-free brand.

Their products, including the Fit Me Foundation, are classics, ones that I have been a fan of for years, however, finding out that Maybelline does test on animals, I will be replacing all of those products with cruelty-free brands.

2. Clinique

Clinique is probably one of the most respected skin care and makeup brands out there. Their three-step system is a holy grail for many women and is sold in the top department stores. Too bad that just like Maybelline, they are selling in China, meaning that their products are being tested on animals.

Whether it is just their make up and not lotions, toners and treatments that are being tested, it still makes Clinique NOT a cruelty-free brand.

3. Benefit

Beware the cult favorite, the Hoola Bronzer. Given how cute the packaging of Benefit is, many have assumed it to be cruelty-free. Unfortunately, it is far from that.  Benefit is carried by Sephora, which has plenty of stores in China, and by referring to our previously mentioned rule, it means that Benefit products are tested on animals. For those who love this infamous bronzer, a good alternative could be the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer.

4. Make Up For Ever

How can the beauty community forget about a foundation that covers up all your sins from the night before? Unfortunately, similarly to the other brands carried by Sephora, Make Up For Ever is not a cruelty-free brand. It is known for its high-quality products that many professional, as well as beginner, make up artists love. A good alternative to this great foundation would be the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. As we already know, Too Faced prides itself to be cruelty-free and the foundation is amazing.


NARS gained its popularity through products such as the Creamy Radiant Concealer, their foundation, but most importantly their risque named Orgasm blush. Number 1 selling blush in the United States. NARS killed the game with this product and everyone has it in their collection, and the best thing, it was cruelty-free. UNTIL they decided to distribute their products to China and it once again became tested on animals. NARS is no longer cruelty-free. A good alternative to this blush would be our very cruelty-free Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso or any other shade.  Personally it is one of my favorites and most importantly not tested on animals.


There are many other brands that are still stuck in the cruel mentality on testing on animals that I haven’t mentioned in this post and if you would like to share them with others comment down below. Let’s make a change, together.


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