9 TED Talks Every Woman Should Watch For Inspiration


Whether you are searching for inspiration or simply love TED Talks, this list of my favorite TED talks will definitely do the trick. From one woman to another, I wanted to share this content because it provided me with the right amount of kick, a little dose of knowledge, and a crap ton of motivation to be unapologetically me.

This compilation of 9 of the best TED Talks that every woman should watch to make you feel inspired, powerful and ready to make some changes to your daily life.

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List Of The Best Inspirational TED Talks For Women


1. Shonda Rhimes- My Year of Saying Yes to Everything

Even if you love your work, love what you do, everything in excess can drain the life out of you. Whatever you want to call it, writer’s block, creative block, lack of motivation, it can make your life feel unfulfilling. Shonda Rhimes experienced that firsthand. In her talk, she explains just how being open to new experiences allowed her to get her spark back.

2. Amy Cuddy- Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

Body language isn’t just how others perceive us, or how attractive we look to another person. Body language can greatly affect how we feel. In order to feel like the powerful woman you know you are, you must act and carry yourself like one, even on days when you simply don’t give a crap. Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, explains how carrying yourself in a certain way can not only fool others into thinking we got it together but fool ourselves into feeling like so as well.

3. Cameron Russell- Looks Aren’t Everything, Believe Me, I’m A Model.

“If only I was this pretty” seems to be a phrase not just women but young girls turn to more often than is deemed healthy. Another thing that isn’t healthy? The modeling industry. For those of us wishing we were models, Camron Russell, an actual model, reveals the ugly truths behind her career. It isn’t as glamorous as we imagined it to be.

4. Brittany Packnett- How To Build Your Confidence, And Spark It In Others

Confidence, that is a topic that women find themselves researching and trying to attain. In her talk, Brittany Packett, reveals 3 ways to hack confidence and allow the better things to unfold before you.

5. Sarah Knight- The Magic Of Not Giving A F***

If you are someone that piles too much on your plate to handle, this talk is for you. Sarah Knight explains exactly how we could increase our well-being by limiting the amount of “fu***” we give to the world. Treat your “fuc**” like you would your money and budget them accordingly. There is only so many you are able to give out.

6. Luvvie Ajayi- Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Progress isn’t made in a position of comfort. Growth comes from being in unknown and uncomfortable positions. Luvvie Ajayi explains just how being open to discomfort and embracing the situations that challenge us can bring about satisfaction and immense growth.

7. Laura Marquis- Confessions Of A Sugar Addict In A Sugar-Laden World

I am a woman that gets cravings whether it’s the time of the month or not, and my weakness is sugar. I know many of you identify with that as well. While we’re hitting the gym, drinking our water, cutting out the French fries out of our diets, something is secretly destroying our health. Laura Marquis explains what it means to be addicted to sugar.

8. Ashanti Johnson- The Power Of Visualization

In her TED Talk, Ashanti Johnson, a fitness instructor, and owner of a fitness brand explains how she arrived at her success. Her technique-visualization. For months she spent her mornings sitting on her balcony imagining what life as her own boss and personal trainer would be like. Months later, she realized she was in the exact spot she imaged herself to be while sipping morning coffee on her balcony. She teaches women the immense power visualization could have on achieving your dreams.

9. Marisa Peer-To Reach Beyond Your Limits By Training Your Mind

Marisa Peer is a speaker, author, but first and foremost a therapist that has years of experience of dealing with the human mind. If there is anyone that knows how to influence the way we perceive ourselves, our daily lives, it’s Dr. Peer. In her TED Talk, she teaches simple techniques on how we can influence our mind and make it work for us rather than against us. In the age where so many women deal with body image issues, with insecurities, inequalities. Our own worst enemy could be our own thoughts. Teach your mind how to be your supporter and friend and go out there and design the life you love.


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