By Women For Women: 7 Women-Run Podcasts You Should Listen To


By Women For Women: 7 Women-Run Podcasts You Should Listen to

Women’s voices can now be heard all across the globe, thanks to podcasts. Ladies looking for a dose of insight and empowerment from fellow women can certainly find comfort in listening to podcasts run by women. I certainly do!

This list of 7 podcast shows made by women for women can definitely give you the boost you need to conquer the world. Check them out!


1. Call Your Girlfriend by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman

First on our list is Call Your Girlfriend, run and hosted by long-distance BFFs Aminatou and Ann. From meeting at a Gossip Girl watch party to living across the country from each other, the two girls decided to launch Call Your Girlfriend. If this does not scream girl friendship, then I don’t know what is!

The best thing about the podcast is that it not only connects the BFFs to each other, but it also shares these ladies’ insights into the world! It tackles a whole lot of stuff, from social matters to cultural issues, as well as an intersection of these topics.

2. Another Round by Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton

Another Round is a podcast hosted by two women of color, Heben and Tracy. Delving into various themes such as race, gender and the many aspects of pop culture, these two have featured a variety of guests from different groups, from writers and visionaries to politicians and activists.

The best thing about this show? The discussions happen while the hosts drink booze, making it as fun-filled and fearless as it can be! It offers a light-hearted atmosphere as Heben and Tracy discuss serious matters, rightfully earning the tag “happy hour with friends you haven’t met yet.” The podcast was made possible through the efforts of its all-women team!

3. The Broad Experience by Ashley Milne-Tyte

A show dedicated to women in the workplace, The Broad Experience is an empowering and enlightening podcast. As the host, Ashley certainly makes it fun and easy to enlighten listeners about the experience of being a working woman in a patriarchal society.

The show also offers a venue for chatting and debating the challenges ladies face at work. So, all you working women out there looking to shed light on the challenges we face, this podcast is for you. From motherhood (or lack thereof) to the topics of sexual harassment, glass ceilings, and the wage gap, it tackles a wide range of matters experienced by us ladies.

4. Death, Sex & Money by Anna Sale

Talking about things considered too taboo to be discussed in “polite conversations,” Death, Sex & Money is one daring podcast. If you are longing for authentic exchanges about things you can’t casually talk about such as mental illness, divorce, death, and other similar topics, then this podcast is definitely for you.

You can certainly rely on this show for a safe space to have honest conversations in. You are in for a treat as you encounter intimate talks with notable individuals such as Mahershala Ali, Sonia Sotomayor, and Jane Fonda.

5. On Being by Krista Tippett

On Being is a philosophical show that holds discourses about the meaning of being a human in the 21st century. It takes on the loaded question of what it means to exist, to be human and to live. For those of you who are looking for intimate conversations about philosophy, arts, and literature, you are sure to enjoy this podcast as usually combines these three.

6. History Chicks by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider

Want to get educated about women who were overshadowed by men in history books? History Chicks is perfect for you. Awarded as the Best Talk Show in the Education Category in the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, this show will certainly satisfy your cravings for learning. It discusses ladies who did make it in historical accounts, educating listeners about their lives and achievements.

History buffs are sure to love discussions about different women from different points in history including Hatshepsut and Mary Wollstonecraft (author of Frankenstein) to Anne Frank and Barbie.

7. A Taste of the Past by Linda Pelaccio

If you are a history buff with a love for eating, then you are sure to enjoy A Taste of the Past. Hosted by a culinary historian, the show offers valuable insights about the origins of various dishes. She even brings guests to interview, including culinary chroniclers and scholars, making it more educational and informative, yet enjoyable!


Who run the world? Girls! Just like what Queen Bey said, women are continuously breaking the glass ceiling and are reaching new heights in many places around the world. With the help of these podcasts, girl bosses like us can certainly make our voices heard. To start supporting these women-run shows, make sure to check out these shows!


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