Ultimate Guide To: Chic Office Accessories


When I began my first big girl job I couldn’t wait to decorate my desk and make it my own. When I began shopping I found so many things I felt overwhelmed. I figured other boss babes must be feeling similar, so I decided to make you a shopping list! Here is the ultimate guide to chic office accessories and desk.


1. Laptop Bags

Carrying my laptop around in my purse got quite annoying after about… two days. It seemed to be damaging my very expensive purse, it was heavy on my shoulder, and definitely not protected. Not to mention that in the same purse I carried a million other things back and forth to work. So I decided to invest in a designated laptop bag. The first one is my personal favorite, but all of them are cute 🙂

2. USB Mouse

If you are not on the mouse bandwagon you need to hop on, it makes work so much easier, especially when having two screens. Your fingers don’t get all cramped up trying to squeeze into the tiny mousepad on the laptop, and this one is especially cute.

3. USB Port

Do you think the two USB ports on your laptop are enough? Think again. Wait till you have a headset, a flash drive, mouse, keyboard, a second monitor and who knows what else connected to it. An additional USB port is a must in an office setting. And did I mention this one is rose gold? Talk about chic!

4. Lunch Box

What a throwback to middle school am I right? This one accessory will save you a ton of money on lunch each week. It’s tempting to go out to lunch every day to get away from your desk, but it also gets quite expensive. Having a cute lunchbox will motivate you to bring your own food and save some coin.

5. Desk Organizers

There isn’t much to say about these other than you need to keep your accessories organized. Otherwise, your desk space will be a mess and who wants to work in a messy space?

6. Fancy Pens

Writing with a nice stylish pen will make you feel and look like the boss babe you are. Not only are they cute to look at, but they also serve as a decoration for the desk if you keep them on display, and who isn’t tired of the same old ball-point.

7. Desk Calendar

Whether you choose a desk calendar or a hanging calendar is a personal preference. I choose not to take down my calendar every time I have to write something down, so I prefer a desk pad one that I could just write in every time I remember something without reorganizing my entire space.

8. File Folders

We’re back to the organization point people! We need to stay organized to make work easier for ourselves. These cute folders will make you want put papers in them, I guarantee that. Who said file folders have to be plain orange?

9. Flower Vase With Flowers

If you’re not a green thumb type of person, don’t worry, these are fake. But they sure do look cute! You can leave them on your desk without the worry that they will wither, but they will make your desk look super chic!

10. Journal/ Project Planner

Remember my post about Journaling? If not, you can read it here. But whether or not you are currently journaling as a part of your routine, believe me, you will want to write stuff down at work. Whether you utilize it for meeting notes, a calendar, to-do lists, or a simple thought journal, writing stuff down will save you the time and energy of having to store everything in your mind.

11. Foot Rest

If you’re a heel gal you will especially appreciate this. I didn’t know how much I really needed it until I purchased it. My tired feet have never been more thankful.

12. Essential Oil Diffuser

If there is one place you want to create a zen environment, it will be your workspace. So get out that lavender oil and relax.

13. Push Pins

Pushpins could be stylish too, no special reason other than trying to be cute.

13. File Organizer

File, magazine, cute folder, or notebook. This pretty pyramid rack organizer will make any office space pop.

14. Paper Clips

Rose gold paperclips? I don’t need any more convincing.

15. Post-It Note Dispenser

Pink post-its coming from a pink dispenser? My inner glam queen is thriving.

16. Desk Lamps

Good lighting can not only transform a selfie but also your mood and work ethic. These cute lamps will guarantee that.

17. Globe

What do you do between work assignments? Plan your next vacation of course. I’m just kidding. A globe is a staple decoration on any desk, and if I can have it in rose gold I will gladly improve my geography skills.



That is enough on my ridiculously long list of things that could make your office space chic. I could go on forever. Maybe next time I will do a different theme. See anything you think your friend would like? Share it! Pin it!

Till next time.